Date Region Location
144688680011/07/15Chugach State ParkAvalanche: O'Malley Peak, NW Buttress
144638280011/01/15Other RegionsAvalanche: Eastern Alaska Range - just East of Isabel Pass
144398472010/04/15GirdwoodAvalanche: Jewel Mt
143066520005/03/15GirdwoodAvalanche: Crow Creek Trail
143040240004/30/15Chugach State ParkAvalanche: North Face West Twin
143040048004/30/15Portage / PlacerAvalanche: Spencer Whistlestop
143015760004/27/15TurnagainAvalanche: Sunburst
142999200004/25/15TurnagainAvalanche: Kickstep & Tincan Peak
142965081204/21/15TurnagainAvalanche: Hope Road, Reid's Ridge and Pete's Ridges
142954494004/20/15SummitAvalanche: Moose Pass, Rd Obs
142954434004/20/15TurnagainAvalanche: Rd Obs Turnagain/Silvertip
142944222004/19/15Chugach State ParkAvalanche: United States
142939572004/18/15TurnagainAvalanche: Tincan Avalanches off the North and South side of CFR ridge
142933297304/18/15TurnagainAvalanche: CFR area on Tincan Ridge
142928100004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: North Magnum, Skin Track to Taylor Pass
142927374004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: Taylor Pass - Magnum Avalanche
142924680004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: Tincan CFR ridge
142924680004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: Tincan CFR ridge
142924320004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: Tincan Avalanche
142924320004/17/15TurnagainAvalanche: Tincan, North side and South side avalacnhes
142921872004/16/15TurnagainAvalanche: Sunburst
142876620004/11/15TurnagainAvalanche: Eddies Mtn, west face, just above tree line--first big convex roller to the right of skin track
142876530004/11/15TurnagainAvalanche: Eddies south face
142869972004/10/15TurnagainAvalanche: TIncan
142869612004/10/15TurnagainAvalanche: Sunburst
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