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Thanks, Friends! Your support helps us make backcountry recreation safer for all Alaskans. Sponsorships and memberships run from September 1 to August 31 each year.

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Our Sponsors

Platinum Level - Donations of $5000 and more ( 1 sponsors)
Gold Level - Donations from $1000-$4999 ( 3 sponsors)
Silver Level - Donations from $500-$999 ( 2 sponsors)
Bronze Level - Donations from $250-$499 ( 4 sponsors)

Our Members

Crown Face - Donations more than $1000 ( 2 members)
Anson and Sarah Cheng Michael Moore
Bed Surface - Donations from $500-$999 ( 3 members)
Galen Flint Alison Kelley Jon Cobb and Susan Ives
Stauchwall - Donations from $250-$499 ( 8 members)
Zac Campbell Phil Hess Todd Kelsey Trip Kinney
Scott & Deb Naspinsky Stuart Parks John Pearce Jake and Tarryn Seipel
Track - Donations from $100-$249 ( 16 members)
The Murphy Brothers Bob Butera Udo Cassee Joseph Christopher
Brooke Edwards AnonymousAndrew Johnson Haley Johnston
Joseph Lohr Joseph Lujan Landon Messelheiser Dante Petri
Elliot Riling AnonymousAnonymousAnonymous
Debris Pile - Donations from $50-$99 ( 14 members)
Orin Bakal-Molnar Amy And Maynard Barton chris brehmer Melis Coady
DAVID EGAN kurt eriksson Tom Flynn T Hayes
Nick Kern Stephen Mckeever Jason Outhier Carolyn Seramur
Susan Sherman Kneeland Taylor
Tailgate - Donations from $20-$49 ( 9 members)
Karl Boehmer Sarah Carter Nicholas Dalessio Galen Hecht
Danny Hovancsek Frank Lahr AnonymousKathy O’Reilly-Doyle
Edward Schmitt