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Avalanches for All regions

158414400003/14/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Arkose ridge
158414400003/14/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: The Wedge
158404710003/12/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: below telemint
158403810003/12/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Marmot
158403420003/12/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Near North Bowl (South Fork Eagle River)
158401800003/12/20GirdwoodAvalanche/People Involved: Raven headwall
158398902603/12/20Other RegionsAvalanche: Palmer creek
158394600003/11/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Ship Ck. drainage side Hunter Pass
158393580003/11/20GirdwoodAvalanche: Crow Pass
158391960003/11/20GirdwoodAvalanche: Crow Pass
158386572003/10/20SummitAvalanche: Summit lake road observation
158386356003/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: near Archangel Rd.
158379840003/10/20GirdwoodAvalanche/People Involved: Raggedtop
158377601203/09/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Avalanche accident- 16 mile road run at Hatcher Pass
158369658003/08/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Arctic to Indian
158367240003/08/20TurnagainAvalanche: Sunburst
158344344003/05/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: above Mile 4.2 Eagle River road and North Bowl
158343744003/05/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
158343612003/05/20TurnagainAvalanche/People Involved: Lynx Creek
158343486003/05/20SummitAvalanche: Road Observation of East aspects of Summit Lake.
158343480003/05/20SummitAvalanche: Road obs to Sterling Wye
158336021703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: West side of Eldorado
158335044003/04/20SummitAvalanche: Wind loading and avalanche activity NW of Hope Y. (Powder cloud observed at 1135 am on mountainside around MP 5 Hope Highway)
158334757703/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Road Obs
158328000003/04/20Hatcher PassAvalanche/People Involved: Upper Willow Creek
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