Date Region Location
167932698003/20/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Harp Mountain sub-ridge
167932548003/20/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Bowls to the West of Harp
167926614003/19/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Hanging Valley
167921904003/19/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Lower McHugh
167854680003/11/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Glen Alps, Chugach Front Range
167853960003/11/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Ship Creek
167810400003/06/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: N side of Eagle River Valley
167733360002/25/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Glen Alps, Chugach Front Range
167700426002/21/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Ptarmagin peak
167648040002/15/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Peak Three
167637600002/14/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Mt Baldy - back side
167621760002/12/23Chugach State ParkObservation: West nose of little O'Malley 61.110005, -149.66004
167604384002/10/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Near Point
167598504002/09/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Little O’Malley
167561856002/05/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Rabbit lake trail below Ptarmigan Pass
167560278002/05/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Harp Mounain, S. Fork Eagle River
167553534002/04/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Hunter Pass
167553072002/04/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: The Ramp
167550480002/04/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Jill's Hill (McHugh Peak area)
167516640001/31/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Peak 4055 --> Bird Ridge Overlook
167509440001/30/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Glen Alps - Blueberry Knoll, Chugach Front Range
167502600001/29/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Indian Pass/Rabbit Lakes
167501478001/29/23Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Boys Scout bowl
167441040001/22/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Glen Alps Recreational Area
167434146001/21/23Chugach State ParkObservation: Ship Creek
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