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Observations for Chugach State Park

158541288003/28/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Falls Creek
158524562103/26/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Bird Ridge
158514444003/25/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Williwaw Lakes, Chugach Front Range
158500109403/23/20Chugach State ParkObservation: N. of Eagle River
158490882003/22/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Toe of Eklutna glacier
158474916003/21/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: North Chugach SP between Eklutna and Eagle River
158428440003/15/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Falls Creek
158427630003/15/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: South Fork, Eagle River, West of North Bowl
158419800003/14/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Goat Head Couloir (mile 107)
158414400003/14/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: The Wedge
158403420003/12/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Near North Bowl (South Fork Eagle River)
158394600003/11/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Ship Ck. drainage side Hunter Pass
158369658003/08/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Arctic to Indian
158344344003/05/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: above Mile 4.2 Eagle River road and North Bowl
158342700003/05/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Ram valley approach
158332320003/04/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Rabbit Lake
158293176002/28/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Ptarmigan
158282736002/27/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Tikishla
158274990002/26/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Falls Creek
158247990002/23/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Ram Valley NW Cumulous Ridge
158245560002/23/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Hunters Pass, Southfork Of Eagle River
158223054002/20/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Arctic Valley
158219226002/20/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: North Bowl, South Fork valley
158213634002/19/20Chugach State ParkObservation: Peak 4
158092740002/05/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche/People Involved: Eagle River - Mile High Saddle
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