Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Peak 2

Route & General Observations

Standard up track to Peak 2 to monitor general trends in the snowpack in a high-traffic area. There was ~3″-5″ of new snow on top of either bare ground or over previous wind-loaded snow surfaces. The parking lot was plowed and sanded (and crowded, parking was tight and there was one truck off the road).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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~35F to 40F most of the day, no precipitation, no wind, light valley fog was in and out most of our tour.

Snow surface

There was ~3"-5" of new snow on top of a stout, supportable melt-freeze crust for the majority of the tour.


The snowpack structure had ~3-5" of new snow and underneath the new snow were two distinct melt-freeze crust layers with rounding facets in between and below the two crust layers. The snowpack contained a lot of moisture and was showing signs of rounding. The majority of the snowpack had transitioned from facets to rounds.

Moving forward, it is the time of year to start tracking surface conditions on southerly slopes as warm temperatures and solar radiation may start to form melt-freeze crusts.

There is a storm in the forecast for this weekend with high winds from the SE and E, curious to see how the next round of loading events affects the snowpack.

Photos & Video
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