Observation: Chugach State Park

Location: Chugach Front Range Flattop

Route & General Observations

Left Glen Alps at 1130. Plan was to check out bonding of new snow from storm event on 4/9 on older sun-affected southerly aspects in the Blueberry Knoll/Flattop area. Made two runs in loose new snow on SW aspect of Blueberry near the base of Flattop. Noted post-storm ski/snowboard track coming off summit and down NW aspect of Flattop (pic). Saw no indications of post-storm avalanches in my view shed. Returned to PL by 4:30.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Did not observe any obvious signs of instability in my viewshed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Started out under partly cloudy skies. Around midday a fog layer moved in dropping visibility down to 100yds. This fog layer had dissipated by midafternoon with sunny skies returning. Winds were calm with a temp of 39deg at 1400; a real scorcher.

Snow surface

Up to 20cm of new loose F snow on firm base in the Glen Alps area. This was topped by a very thin layer of surface hoar. By midafternoon intense sunshine on southerly aspects had transformed this snow into a “mashed potato” consistency. Saw no indications of recent wind transport at lower elevations. Sculpturing on Flattop may be from previous wind event (pic).


Did a pit at 2500ft on the SW aspect of Blueberry knoll; pic and pit profile attached.
HS = 158cm. Found a sequence of melt/freeze layers intermixed with mostly rounding facets.
Top down, got STC@130cm; STM@100cm; CT15@120cmQ2. ECT11N@125cmQ2.

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