Observations for Other Regions

161927430004/24/21Other RegionsObservation: Culross island
161331132002/14/21Other RegionsAvalanche: Above Sunrise Creek across the Turnagain Arm
160916760012/28/20Other RegionsObservation: Palmer Creek Road
160719744012/05/20Other RegionsAvalanche: Carter Lake
158544000003/29/20Other RegionsObservation: Isthmus Icefield
158398902603/12/20Other RegionsAvalanche: Palmer creek
158145702002/11/20Seward, Other RegionsAvalanche/People Involved: Snug Harbor (near Boulder Creek)
158133240002/10/20Other RegionsObservation: East Side of Resurrection Pass
158100906002/06/20Other RegionsObservation: Kenai Lake near Quartz Creek area. Natural avalanches observed in the Crescent Lake and Snug Harbor (3PM).
158100618002/06/20Other RegionsObservation: Cooper Landing Area (Above Kenai Lake SW Aspect and near Crescent Lake Area)
158055305902/01/20Other RegionsAvalanche/People Involved: Kincaid Park - Sand Dunes Avalanche
158031780001/29/20Other RegionsAvalanche: LV Ray near Carter Lake Area.
157600744012/10/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Sixmile Cr.
157229105210/28/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Devils Creek Trail - Devils Pass
157133502010/17/19Other RegionsObservation: Palmer Creek Area (Near Twin Lakes)
155905560005/28/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Ptarmigan Lake Trail
155777160005/13/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Avalanche Mile 6 Russian River Trail
155361960003/26/19Other RegionsAvalanche: ski jump hill adjacent to Hilltop Ski Area, Anchorage,
155239920003/12/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Northwest slope off of Madson Mountain just above Crescent Lake
155214000003/09/19Other RegionsAvalanche: Whittier
154972080002/09/19Other RegionsObservation: Whittier
154566000012/24/18Other RegionsObservation: Moose Pass- Ptarmigan Ridge/Solar Mt
154452984012/11/18Other RegionsObservation: Lower Russian Lake Near Barber Cabin
154436400012/09/18Other RegionsAvalanche: Eureka
154419120012/07/18Other RegionsAvalanche: Seward
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