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157946760001/19/20TurnagainAvalanche: south facing aspect on 3800ft bump just northeast of 4940
157944240001/19/20TurnagainAvalanche: Cornbiscuit & Magnum
157937268001/18/20TurnagainAvalanche: Sunburst
157936146001/18/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Cross Hill, Gold Cord Basin
157930560001/18/20TurnagainAvalanche: North end Tincan trees
157920672301/16/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Gold Cord Peak, Million Dollar Face
157912369401/15/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Cable Valley and Pinnacle
157910604001/15/20SummitAvalanche: Additional obs from Fresno and Turnagain Pass to Summit road obs
157909680001/15/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Rae Wallace
157893378001/13/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Microdot/Elderado Bowl/Next to Independance Mine
157877844001/11/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Mile Hi, Eagle River, AK
157868922001/10/20GirdwoodAvalanche: Crow Pass Trail - avalanche near miss, summer hiking trail
157868780301/10/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: Skyscraper to Granite Peaks
157859490001/09/20TurnagainAvalanche: Seattle Ridge, Minus 3 Bowl
157858302001/09/20Chugach State ParkAvalanche: Peak 3 ridge
157851102001/08/20TurnagainAvalanche: Seattle Ridge
157834440001/06/20TurnagainAvalanche: Magnum, west face
157824540001/05/20TurnagainAvalanche: Turnagain Pass, AGC Rec Level 1 avalanche course weekend summary
157824000001/05/20TurnagainAvalanche: Magnum West aspect
157823370001/05/20TurnagainAvalanche: NW Shoulder Magnum next to common uptrack
157817190001/04/20SummitAvalanche: Fresno Peak
157807410001/03/20TurnagainAvalanche: Main Bowl, Turnagain Pass
157799881001/02/20Hatcher PassAvalanche: IM to Marmot test slope to NW Microdot (Airbag Alley) to Gold Chord
157781666312/31/19TurnagainAvalanche: Five Sisters avalanche path in Portage valley / Seattle Ridge near Turnagain pass
157779540012/31/19TurnagainAvalanche: tincan common bowl
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