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Mar 12, 2021
Skied up to about 2000′. Noted some small natural avalanches that released mid-storm Wednesday or Thursday at the new/old interface. We remote-triggered a small but deep wind slab that failed on a layer of surface hoar sitting on the sun crust that formed last week. I drove up Turnagain Pass later in the afternoon to  [ Read More ]
Active wind transport observed from Byron to Explorer.  [ Read More ]
Feb 20, 2021
Snowmachined up Placer Valley, low visibility and cool temps prompted a quick skin lap in the trees.  [ Read More ]
Rode into and above the Placer Valley, Spencer Glacier and Skookum Glacier to see the extent of the northwest wind event.  [ Read More ]
Feb 4, 2021
Placer river valley to North access to Squirrel Flats. Spent some time at the Spencer Bench Cabin repairing stove pipe and digging access to the outhouse. More snow than I’ve ever seen at the Cabin!  [ Read More ]