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Apr 3, 2020
Photos from the Byron Glacier trail and surrounding avalanche terrain. The first photo looks right at the ‘ice cave’, which is now covered in avalanche debris from this season and not visible. The cave becomes visible when the snowpack melts out enough to exposes the creek that tunnels under years of avalanche debris. The cave  [ Read More ]
Rapid wind loading in the Alpine and Treeline elevations throughout the advisory area. Widespread pluming! All of these photos are from the Portage valley, mostly near the Byron glacier trail and mountains surrounding Portage lake. Due to rapid wind loading, we chose not to continue on the trail below the avalanche paths. Over 60 vehicles  [ Read More ]
Mar 12, 2020
Explorer glacier. Several avalanches at skiers right. Looked to be a week old at most.  [ Read More ]
Feb 27, 2020
Out on a snow machine tour spotted this slide  [ Read More ]
Rode in the Grandview region today. Noted several old and some new(ish) large slab avalanches from the recent storm cycle and wind event yesterday 2/23. Also noted two fresh slabs that appeared to have been remotely triggered from some distance away. The smaller of the remote triggered slabs is just up-ridge of the site of  [ Read More ]