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May 12, 2023
A ver large wet slab seen on the westerly aspect of Bryon Glacier valley (above the popular summer ice caves). Debris likely ran over the caves and into the valley  [ Read More ]
Heavy rain below 2,500′ and snowfall above that in the Girdwood and Portage Valley area during May 9 and 10th has created a natural wet snow avalanche cycle. Continued stormy  [ Read More ]
Apr 29, 2023
We snowmachined from Whittier, over Whittier Glacier, Burns Glacier, to the icefield directly east of Carpathian Peak above 4000′ feeding into Spencer, Northland & Blackstone. There was cold dense powder  [ Read More ]
Apr 18, 2023
Recent widespread natural avalanche cycle observed while touring from Blackstone Bay. Some slides ran mid-storm, but others had distinct, sharp, fresh edges. As noted previously by Graham, extensive wet avalanches,  [ Read More ]
Apr 15, 2023
We drove through Portage and into Whittier yesterday and saw many naturally occurring wet loose avalanches. Some of these ran quite far. Also, we had a few photos passed to  [ Read More ]