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Sat, November 14th, 2020 - 7:00AM
Sun, November 15th, 2020 - 7:00AM
Conditions Summary

Sat, November 14th, 2020
With snow starting in the late afternoon yesterday the mountains picked up 1-2″ of light, fluffy snow overnight.  Temperatures are dropping as cooler air is moving into the region. There is a slight chance of snow today and a clearing skies and sunshine on tap for Sunday into the coming week. Winds should remain light for the next few days.

With improving visibility, fresh snow and early season stoke this weekend, it is important to remember that there is now plenty of snow to slide and known weak layer of old October snow. Observers from Girdwood to Summit Lake are consistently hearing and feeling whumpfs and finding a poor snowpack structure above 2200′. It’s worth being suspect of steep slopes moving forward as skies clear and travel in the Alpine becomes easier. Ease into terrain, look for signs of instability, and use good travel protocol.

Persistent Slab avalanches:  Weak October snow is sitting under a slab formed by the 1-3′ of snow from the last two storms. This current snowpack structure has the potential to be triggered by the weight of a skier or rider and cause an avalanche releasing in the facets (sugar snow) at the bottom of the snowpack. This structure becomes a concern around 2,200′ – the higher in elevation you travel the more likely it will be to encounter this issue. Whumpfing and/or cracking are signs this layer is reactive. Snow covered slopes with a 30° slope angle and steeper are suspect. If an avalanche releases near the ground it could result in a very dangerous slide. 

Snowpack structure at 2800′ in Main Bowl/1st Bowl on the backside of Seattle Ridge. Our Extended Column Test propagated at 13 taps on the facets (sugar snow) above the crust. 11.13.20 

Close up of the 2mm facets above the crust.

For link to video click HERE.

***If you are heading to Hatcher Pass please check hpavalanche.org  for the Saturday morning forecast and follow their Facebook page.

Avalanche Center Operations:  We will continue to provide conditions updates and are planning on issuing the first forecast around Thanksgiving.

Getting into the mountains? Please send us your snow/avalanche reports so we can post them on our observation page! Simply click ‘submit observation’ under the Observation tab. This is a huge benefit for the community and our forecasters.

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Sat, November 14th, 2020
Recent Observations for Turnagain Pass
Date Region Location
01/28/23 Turnagain Observation: Sunburst
01/28/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Seattle Ridge
01/27/23 Turnagain Observation: Sunburst
01/27/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Lynx Creek
01/25/23 Turnagain Observation: Cornbiscuit
01/22/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Tincan
01/21/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Seattle Ridge
01/21/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Lynx drainage – avalanche
01/21/23 Turnagain Avalanche/People Involved: Warm up bowl (-1 bowl) avalanche
01/21/23 Turnagain Avalanche: Sunburst Ridge
Riding Areas
Updated Fri, January 06th, 2023

Status of riding areas across the Chugach NF is managed by the Glacier and Seward Ranger Districts, not avalanche center staff. Riding area information is posted as a public service to our users and updated based on snow depth and snow density to prevent resource damage at trailhead locations. Riding area questions contact: mailroom_r10_chugach@fs.fed.us

Area Status Weather & Riding Conditions
Glacier District
Johnson Pass
Opened Dec 13th.
Placer River
Closed Jan 5th due to lack of snow (holiday storms rained away the snow at sea level).
Skookum Drainage
Closed Jan 5th due to lack of snow (holiday storms rained away the snow at sea level).
Turnagain Pass
Opened Dec 13th.
Closed Jan 5th due to lack of snow (holiday storms rained away the snow at sea level).
Seward District
Carter Lake
Opened Dec 13th.
Lost Lake Trail
Opened Dec 13th.
Primrose Trail
Opened Dec 13th.
Resurrection Pass Trail
Closed to motorized use for the 2022/23 winter season per Forest Plan. Open next season.
Snug Harbor
Opened Dec 13th.
South Fork Snow River Corridor
Opened Dec 13th.
Summit Lake
Opened Dec 13th.

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