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Dec 1, 2023
Skin track icy at the bottom, deep up top, no natural slides visible from where we were.  [ Read More ]
Common uptrack, past the Seattle Ridge weather station and North out the ridge toward God’s Country.  [ Read More ]
Nov 30, 2023
Plan was to hit Eddie’s. When we pulled in the parking lot it was a complete slush fest. We kept driving further up and just around 800′ seems like the  [ Read More ]
Nov 27, 2023
We toured up to the top of Tincan Common, trying to get a sense of how high the rain line was for the Thanksgiving storm, and to see how the  [ Read More ]
Road report driving north to Anchorage around 1530 on 2023-11-26: Not sure if this was new, but saw a narrow but long wet slide with dirt visible in the debris  [ Read More ]