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May 7, 2022
Bertha creek to Granddaddy. Most s facing stuff into Bertha has slid to the ground. The few high, protected pockets the wind and sun haven’t found are still holding some decent snow. Last 2 storm’s snow didn’t seem to bond well. Easily hand sheared clean 10 and 20 cm slabs (2 individual small slabs due  [ Read More ]
Apr 29, 2022
We toured up to the weather station to make some adjustments on the new web cam. We stopped on the way to look at the very large wet slab that released on Wednesday. There was a supportable crust that was a little over an inch thick at the parking lot, and 3-4″ thick at the  [ Read More ]
Photos from continued very large wet avalanche activity between Turnagain Pass and Summit Lake. These avalanches occurred between late afternoon 4/27 and early afternoon 4/28.  [ Read More ]
Apr 27, 2022
Toured up the north ridge of Magnum from Sunburst parking lot. Didn’t start until 1130 am and due to the warm temperatures overnight the crust from the road up to 2000′ was punchy and had unconsolidated wet snow underneath. Decided to try out the north aspect on Magnum due to the punchy crust on the  [ Read More ]
Snapped some pictures driving along the Seward Highway today. Wet slabs and glide avalanches are still very active in the area.  [ Read More ]