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Several wet slab avalanches have been occurring during the last half of May. One notable slab was in Todd’s Bowl. All avalanches were natural and no one has been involved in any that we know of. Thank you to Kellie Okonek for the arial photos and Matti Silta for the Todd’s Bowl photo!  [ Read More ]
May 21, 2022
Recent wet slab avalanche activity all seen on Friday, May 20, 2022.  [ Read More ]
May 17, 2022
Glide-Wet Slab avalanche on the lower westerly aspect of Sunburst.  [ Read More ]
Began day by helping Wendy Wagner (CNFAIC) take down the Are You Beeping Stations for the season at the motorized and Tincan parking lots (pic). At 1330 started on the standard Tincan uptrack to 2250ft near the beaded stream snow temperature station (pic). Only the top few feet were sticking out of the snow. From  [ Read More ]
Recent glide and wet slab avalanche activity. These two avalanches occurred sometime around May 6th or 7th (Friday or Saturday). Seen on Sunday, May 8th. Thanks to George Creighton for the info and photos!  [ Read More ]