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Feb 28, 2021
Eddies to 1400′  [ Read More ]
Feb 25, 2021
We rode North on the power line. No Recent avalanches observed but we saw large glide cracks on the front side and some moderate to strong winds on the ridges. We dug a test pit on a East aspect at 982′, on a 5 degree slope. Scattered clouds, calm winds at that elevation, and no  [ Read More ]
Wide propagating wind slab avalanche released Thur, Feb 25th midday. This slope was being actively windloaded during the day. It is believed that this slab was triggered by people along the ridge – but this is uncertain. It is possible it could have been a natural. Slab appeared to have been small off the top  [ Read More ]
Skier triggered wind slab on Tincan Proper on Thur, Feb 25th. No one caught. Slab was reported to us through social media (Instagram). Photo below was taken from this post. From speaking with a person in another group in the vicinity, slab appeared to be a wind slab that was 6-8″ deep with wide propagation.  [ Read More ]
Rode up the Johnson Pass trail into the Groundhog drainage. High point of 3,800′.  [ Read More ]