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May 6, 2020
Ski toured to Pastoral from the Sunburst lot, up the valley between Sunburst & Magnum to Taylor pass. Plan was to ski on Pastoral Peak north faces. Passed lots of previous days avalanche activity on pretty much every south face as well as most SW faces. Arrived in the Pastoral bowl below the north face  [ Read More ]
Apr 10, 2020
Skied various aspects on Wolverine. 5 inches of storm snow in sheltered areas, 12 inches where loaded, 0 inches where wind-scoured (even mid face). Triggered two small slabs on mid slope, east aspect at 3,600 feet. Of note these slides were triggered by the second and third skiers. Slides were contained to new snow, were  [ Read More ]
North facing 31° Slope. 2079’ elevation, 3:40 pm. CT 6, looked like wind slab on melt freeze crust. Took some laps watching the loaded areas on roll over pitch changes and didn’t get anything to move but it did start heating up due to sun effect as I was leaving around 6:30.  [ Read More ]
Apr 9, 2020
1 inch new at parking lot, 6 inches new up high from storm the other day. Limited wind crust/board but drifting up to 1 foot thick common. Observed no signs of current slab instability. Moderate sloughing. Wind crust/board not really present until 4k ft. Quite a bit of open water in creek.  [ Read More ]
Apr 4, 2020
Skied 1 run from top of Tincan. Skied CFR ridge past Tincan Common, dropped off the cornice, skied over to the ridge 1 skiers right of the uptrack ridge. Snow was consistently hot pow. Wanted to ski into Todds Bowl, but didn’t for a couple reasons, 1 of which included suspicious snow. Snow on slightly  [ Read More ]