Sun, September 26, 2021

Winter is on its way!

The days are getting shorter and the mountains whiter…that must mean the 2021/22 winter season is near!

Here are a few early season updates from the Chugach NF Avalanche Center:

  • The Avalanche Center will begin issuing intermittent snow, weather and avalanche updates as conditions warrant from mid/late October through mid November.
  • Daily avalanche forecasts are planned to begin around Thanksgiving week – pending an unseasonable chilly fall, which might demand an earlier start.

Early season skier/boarder/hikers/hunters/and anyone getting out in the snowy hills:

  • Early season avalanche happen and can catch us off guard.
    • Watch for those famous signs of instability – the Red Flags (recent avalanches, cracking/whumpfing in the snow, strong wind, snowfall and/or rain).
    • Heading out during or right after a snowfall is the most dangerous time and when avalanches are most likely to occur. This is especially important to realize for hunters and others that may not have avalanches in the forefront of their minds. 

Upcoming Events:
The Southcentral Alaska Avalanche Workshop 2021 will be held Friday, Nov 12th from noon to 430pm, virtual on Zoom! Check on all those details at

*REMEMBER, the best way to keep tabs on current events/information for the early season is on our Facebook  page and  Instagram!!*

Settle Ridge webcam – Sept 26, 2021