Thu, December 16, 2021

Graham Predeger

Graham was born and raised in Anchorage. He began skiing the Chugach backcountry in high school as a naïve, uneducated teenager. He migrated to the Vail Valley after receiving a natural resource management degree from CSU spending eight seasons working in Colorado as a USFS backcountry snow ranger on Vail Pass. During this tenure, Graham absorbed all the information he could regarding snow and avalanches thru formal classes, practical experiences and a few near misses. Working as a forecaster for the CNFAIC since 2011/12 has allowed his snow and avalanche education to continue, bringing Graham full circle back to a more coastal snowpack. A personal goal for Graham has been to further involve and engage the motorized community in their local avalanche center. He is on the Alaska Avalanche School board of directors and is an instructor, teaching snowmachine specific avalanche education. Spare time is spent sled-skiing, pack-rafting, mountain biking and chasing his two kids around! He is a Professional member of the American Avalanche Association and an AvPro graduate.