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Oct 7, 2021
Toured up to the Jewel glacier today. Observed multiple whumpfs just below the glacier and on the glacier. Triggered the little slide in the pictures just below the glacier when exiting to the lookers right (common exit for the Jewel Glacier). The first skier skied down without incident, the second skier veered left and whoop  [ Read More ]
Oct 6, 2021
While two hikers were on their way down from the Crow Pass Cabin, heading toward Girdwood, near the Crow Pass Trail, one hiker triggered an avalanche, was caught and almost completely buried, then recovered quickly by their partner. The following is a first hand account that was posted on the Crow Pass Trail facebook page  [ Read More ]
Skied the Jewel Glacier. New snow (1-1.5 feet settled) from the last storm, Lots of point release avalanches that probably occurred during the storm. powder snow on the glacier. good skiing.  [ Read More ]
Apr 17, 2021
Sun-softened snow on south facing slopes up high with areas of breakable crust in lower, north facing slopes. This was a natural release from the Wednesday storm cycle. Looks to have started on the looker’s right cornice and propagated left. 3’ + crown.  [ Read More ]
We skinned up the cat track and stopped to dig a pit at 5 yards past the powder hut. We saw wet loose slides at every aspect when skinning up. We heard a whoompf when digging our pits.  [ Read More ]