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There have been reports of shingled roofs with snow/ice on them that are avalanching. These types of roofs are not mean to shed snow and this is creating a dangerous  [ Read More ]
Apr 19, 2023
Skied up and over max’s and down into Virgin Creek hoping to ski Big League. Weather was clear and warm with no wind. Obvious shedding on solar aspects. Various crusts  [ Read More ]
Apr 12, 2023
Quick tour up to 2100′ in Crow Creek to look at the potential reactivity at the new snow old snow interface.    [ Read More ]
Apr 1, 2023
We went for a low-angle sightseeing tour up Crow Creek to take a look at conditions and enjoy the sun. We toured up to 4900′ and dug a pit on  [ Read More ]
Mar 28, 2023
A very large avalanche was triggered in the upper Winner Creek by a skier, remotely. This area is just northeast of Girdwood. The avalanche released after five skiers had successfully  [ Read More ]