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Nov 30, 2020
Toured up the cat road and took two laps from tree line to the staging area.  [ Read More ]
Nov 28, 2020
We followed the cat track up to about 2200′. Found about 8-10″ new snow below 1000′, and 24″ at 2200′. We were pleasantly surprised to see a stronger snowpack than we had expected to find.  [ Read More ]
East southeast face of peak that connects Penguin Ridge & Fishes Breathe (California Pk). Saw a few other small natural avalanches in area on E & SE faces.  [ Read More ]
Nov 12, 2020
Headed up the valley topping out at 2,500 feet. Some walking in boots is still mandatory down low. While a great day out in the mountains with fresh snow, the ski quality left something to be desired. The new snow was quite heavy and moist yet still skied bottomless and had skiers hot and thirsty.  [ Read More ]
May 6, 2020
Snow is disappearing fast but still dangerous apparently. Updated info from the following day: Avalanche appeared to have been caused by a cornice fall that triggered a deep/wet slab avalanche. Difficult to see in photo, but it’s there.  [ Read More ]