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May 6, 2020
Snow is disappearing fast but still dangerous apparently. Updated info from the following day: Avalanche appeared to have been caused by a cornice fall that triggered a deep/wet slab avalanche. Difficult to see in photo, but it’s there.  [ Read More ]
A lot of the same as other observations. From Girdwood Nordic parking lot around 10am, saw wet slide run over 1500ft on S/SW slope. (See video) Throughout the rest of the day, watched 7 or more wet slides on all aspects. Yes, even two of which were north facing which ran over 1000ft+ as well.  [ Read More ]
Apr 16, 2020
Massive wet slides observed while driving up to the Crow Pass Trailhead on the south face of the goat mountain ridge. Observed and filmed more shedding while in parking lot at approximately 10:00 AM.  [ Read More ]
Apr 7, 2020
Heads up! Don’t forget that roof avalanches are still possible. Many roofs have slid but there are still some potentially dangerous ones. Above freezing temperatures during the day is causing some of the more stubborn roof snow/ice to move.  As the day warms up (especially if there is no overnight freeze), as direct sun hits  [ Read More ]
New glide avalanche today on the lower portions of Raggedtop Mtn, seen from the town of Girdwood. Relatively small but a sign of possible things to come with more springtime weather. Cracks are starting to open up in the usual areas, such as these lower slopes on Raggedtop, Peterson drainage and the steep norther SE  [ Read More ]