Thu, December 17, 2020

Recording of Forecaster Chat # 2 – Persistent and Deep Persistent Slab Avalanches is up!

If you missed our live Zoom CNFAIC Forecaster Chat with forecaster Aleph Johnston-Bloom on Dec 15th,  check the recording out on the link below! Big thank you to Allie Barker and Jed Workman from Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center for being guest stars and sharing great info and discussion.

Recorded Version is HERE!!!

What’s included:

What to expect:

  • An overview of how persistent weak layers form
  • A few notable Persistent Slab/DPS avalanche cycles from the Turnagain Pass forecast area
  • Special Guests HPAC forecasters Allie Barker and Jed Workman talking about these avalanche problems at Hatcher Pass!
  • Discussion and attendee questions