Avalanche: Turnagain

Location: Wolverine, West Flank

Route & General Observations

Tour up from IHNT trailhead to West flank of Wolverine, turned around after a little while moving to the ridge and instead proceeded up the valley between Wolverine and Shark Fin.

Avalanche Details
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Trigger NaturalRemote Trigger No
Avalanche Type GlideAspect Southwest
Elevation 2000ftSlope Angle 40deg
Crown DepthunknownWidth 400ft
Vertical Run 500ft  
Avalanche Details

Glide with some wet loose associated below. Some of the blocks of snow that were in the debris path were the size of a small house. Snow failed all the way to the surface. This giant slab looked to be connected only by two little arms on the left, one of which was showing some extreme warp-age. Observed/heard a few smaller chunks coming down while we were out there. Some of the rollerballs that came from this were the size of cars.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Warmed up pretty fast, on the way back it was nearing 4pm and the top surface was turning to corn. Not super bright...but warm with enough sun.

Snow surface

1/2-3" of new snow depending on location. Crust below with varied hardness.


Isolated 150cm of snow on WNW aspect, 23° slope, 60.809559°N 149.086556°W, 1400'. Don't have total snow depth info right now, but we did hit bottom with our probes. No reaction to ECT test, attempted deep-tap. When clearing the column, noticed a weak layer at 99cm and the column came off there quite easily with the shovel, although not during the test. Facets about 2-3mm, some sharp edges with some striations. Suspect this is the early March melt-freeze layer (there was a crust nearby) facets. During shovel CT we got a top layer about 7cm down to fail, this appeared to be some wind-slab on top of the crust layer, probably from the last little storm cycle. No red flags during test, however, the suspect layer is likely that depth hoar and remains a question mark as far as triggering.

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