Observation: Turnagain

Location: Wolverine

Route & General Observations

West rib of Wolverine to 1800ft via Sharkfin.
We saw numerous older (2+ days)* avalanches, including one that seemed to be triggered by a large cornice fall, ran 400 feet on a 28-32deg slope before hitting several large trees, breaking branches.

*see forecaster note below.

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Forecaster Comments

The avalanches and cornice fall all occurred during the 18-19th avalanche cycle and not in the past couple of days.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Humid and 20's, light winds, overcast with intermittent flurries

Snow surface

5-10" of new snow over a dense base
Ridges were blown almost to dirt


We dug a pit just outside an old (2+ days?) avalanche path, in an area representative of our intended ski route.

1400ft ASL, West aspect, 28 degree slope
Snow depth 200cm, pit depth 120cm
Shovel tilt, 3 taps, new/old snow interface shifted but didn't slide
CT12, 10cm down on new/old snow interface (see shovel tilt test pic)
ECTX -shovel pry- 80cm down on an hard crust layer

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