Observation: Turnagain

Location: Widow Maker - Motorized side Turnagain

Route & General Observations

This is a second hand photo. Wanted to provide the picture…

First, thanks for passing on this photo!
A little more second hand information came in about this avalanche. It sounds like there were a few people on top of the ridge when the avalanche occurred. They watched it slide and did not know of or see anyone caught in it. It sounds like this could have been remotely triggered by the party on the ridge or a natural. A natural is unlikely considering the mild weather was contributing little to snowpack instability at the time.

The avalanche was reported to have been 5-6′ deep and ran to the valley bottom. The slope is West facing with a 2400/2500′ start zone in the Seattle Creek drainage.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION passed along to us:
Avalanche was not witnessed by myself. However other sledders witnessed slide. They seem to think it was remote triggered by sledders jumping in the gully on the back side of the Widow Maker Ridge. Midday warming and/or possible cornice failure also discussed as potential cause. No skier or sledder on slope or in runout zone at the time of the slide. Slide occurred in the afternoon around
3:00 pm. Slide was described as very fast moving.

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