Observation: Other Regions

Location: Whittier

Route & General Observations

Horsetail Falls trail to Whittier Glacier.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed.

A handful of glide cracks seen in steep (mostly easterly) terrain looking toward Carpathian.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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37 degrees at sea level. High 20's at 2500'. Calm winds and high clouds. Light was pretty flat most of the day. No precip.

Snow surface

4-6" wet snow on crust below 1500'. Snow dries out around 2,000' where we found 6-10" of soft snow on a supportable pencil hard slab.


Dug a quick pit at 2500' to look for MLK buried surface hoar in top meter. Wasn't confident I'd find it given the big precip numbers since 1/21. Bear Valley RWIS reporting over 10" of water since MLK Jr Day (1/21).

6-10" settled pow on a P - 1F slab. No obvious concerns in top meter of snowpack.

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