Observation: Turnagain

Location: Views of Tincan from Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Below are a few photos of several small soft slab (storm slab) pockets in the Tincan area with one larger avalanche in the Hippy Bowl area. More details in the photo captions. Also, there are already many observations sent in from today (2/8) that discuss these slides.

Most of these avalanches occurred remotely at elevations where a stout crust sits under ~16″ of new snow from 2/7. Between the crust and new snow is 2-4mm surface hoar that developed during the clear and cold weather 1/28-2/6. It is uncertain what is causing the extensive remote triggering – is it simply storm snow instabilities. the surface hoar, or a combination. The slab is still quite soft
with a general hardness of 4 finger. In fact too soft for testing in a CT or ECT manner.

Photos & Video
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