Observation: Seward

Location: Victor Creek, 1k - 1.6k elevation

Route & General Observations

Was in victor creek approaching some ice climbs. Snowpack obs (top 60cm handpits): in sheltered areas it was facets on top of melt-freeze crust on top of facets. In windward areas it was melt-freeze crust on top of facets. In leeward areas it was few-day-old windslab on top of facets on top of melt freeze crust on top of facets. Melt-freeze crust was stout and around 7 inches thick around 1k ft, gradually getting to thin and unsupportable at about 1.6k ft.

Wind slabs were stiffer, stubborn, and hard to trigger, but we could get 2-foot shooting cracks to appear and trigger some of them to release. Recent wind slab avalanche crown below Victor Creek 2, D1.5 looked like.