Observation: Girdwood

Location: United States

Route & General Observations

No evidence of recent natural avalanche activity nor examples of red flags. Buried surface hoar of 2mm was
observed at 2200′ on the cat road in Girdwood Valley, 30 cm from the surface. Hand shear produced
resistant planar results on the suspect layer and was qualified as ‘strong’ or resistant. It did not inspire
confidence for steeper or exposed slopes. This weak layer was not found buried above, or below, the 2000′
elevation band (approximation).

The above posted photos occurred just above this elevation, and grew radically with altitude.

Skiing conditions were excellent, fast, recycled powder and surface hoar. Both wind scouring and loading at
the slope level seems to have been occuring unpredictably, most recently from the North. Also, elevation
temperature differences were changing every 500′ of elevation gain, further skewing pole probe results.
Being very strong around 2000′, old storm slab on surface hoar above that, and surface hoar on slick
windcrust and near surface facets at 3000′ and higher.

Photos & Video
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