Observation: Turnagain

Location: United States

Route & General Observations

Before skiing the south side of Cornbiscuit today, dug a 145cm deep snow pit to look at layers and
perform compression tests. A chart is attached. Right side up snowpack, and the compression test results
were very Q3!

The sun was strong – it changed the surface layer of new snow between the two laps we completed on the
south face. The first lap was skied around ~1:30 PM and the second ~3 PM. Debris from several day old
point release slides was observed on steeper slopes on the south aspect of Cornbiscuit. Other than some
minor skier triggered sluffing on the steepest slopes (40 degrees+) in the top 5-10 cm of snowpack, no
other signs of instability were observed today.

Photos & Video
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