Observation: Turnagain

Location: twin peaks area

Route & General Observations

Skied the apron facing twin peaks (head towards twins peaks bang a left, follow up
ridge). Skinned up ridge. Lots of cornices. The top, i was hiking back and fell
in a hole. I caught myself but it was 15 feet deep.

We backed off skiing the far lookers right spine. I did a skin track ski test and
the top two feet pulled off clean but with a lot of help from my muscles.
However, after a ski cut i was able to propagate it 150 feet and it slid all the
way to the flats. I did a second ski cut a little further down same thing. I
could not see over the next roll and never skied it before. There was still
a lot of snow to carry me so i hiked out and went down the face closer to
the trees (the same way when i didn’t have my ski’s on and fell in the hole). Still lots of sluff
following us all the way down.

Forecaster Comments:
After talking with the above observer, this slab pulled out ~10′ above them and was soft enough that it ran past them, after a bit of pushing around. I was able to view the slope and slide from the other side of the valley the following day and was only able to see a small crown (20-30′) and not one 150′ wide (though the light may have played tricks on me).

Photos & Video
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