Observation: Turnagain

Location: Twin Peaks

Route & General Observations

Skinned up the eastern face of Twin Peaks to treeline ~2800′. Surface condition inventory and tracking v-day facets/bsh and MLK bsh.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Partly cloudy skies
Valley fog in the morning
Temps in the 20Fs

Snow surface

Surface hoar and new stellars over all surfaces to our high point at 2800' including:
Soft near surface facets
Melt-freeze crust on anything with a slightly southerly kick and a bit of slope angle.
Wind effect as we got closer to treeline that was a mix of wind crust, satrugi and rime crust.


There were three of us and we each dug at pit at two locations.
We found somewhat similar overall structure but had a few differences with v-day layer and MLK layer.

1)Pit at 2450' (see photo)
v-day layer was buried surface hoar (6-8mm) and .5mm facets. Slightly more protected location than two pits just above at 2500'

2)Pit at 2500', East, HS=144cm, 34* slope
CT19, CT21 failed 25cm down on v-day facets (.5mm)
CT23 failed 37cm down on MLK BSH/facets/crust combo Q2

3) Pit at 2500'
v-day layer was facets. CT 20 ECTX
No MLK found

1)Pit at 2800', ESE, HS=147cm, 33* slope (see photo)
CT21, CT18 failed 20cm down on v-day facets (.5mm)
STH failed 40cm down on MLK layer (BSH did not fail, but sheared under crust on .5mm facets)

2) Pit at 2800' CT 20, ECTP 21 on v-day facets 20 cm down under wind slab

3) Pit at 2800' CT 22 on v-day facets 20 cm down, ECTX

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