Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Pass Parking lot and snow obs

Route & General Observations

Weather along Turnagain Arm at sea level: Moderate Rain, Strong and gusty Easterly winds, Temps 36F

Weather on Turnagain Pass: Snow line beginning at 500-700′. Temperatures 32F on Pass at 1,000′.
Snowing lightly, heavily rimed and dense snow. VERY obscured skies.

New snow amounts going from North to South along Turnagain Pass:
Eddies parking lot: 0″ right at the rain/snow line (“snaining” see photo)
Tincan parking lot: 2.5″ heavy snow
Motorized lot: 3″ heavy snow
Sunburst lot: 1″ heavy snow
Johnson Pass: trace (mostly “snaining” here too)

Cross you fingers it does not warm up too much tomorrow!

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