Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Pass

Route & General Observations

Generally stable riding conditions today. Most obvious observations from my day
in the field included large (3-4mm) surface hoar (SH) crystals forming in the
valley bottom. This coincided nicely with a layer of fog that was present all
morning in the Turnagain pass area (available moisture for SH formation). As we
gained elevation, the SH shrunk and eventually disappeared all together. We did
however notice very small (<1mm) SH on Seattle ridge that formed on solid wind
slab. It’ll be interesting to see if this grows or disappears over the next
several days of high pressure.

Additionally, we noticed some surface instabilities in the form of loose snow
sluffing (see last photo). These appear to have gone natural sometime over the
last 48hrs.

Photos & Video
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