Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Pass

Route & General Observations

Below are a few photos from the road on Turnagain Pass of the avalanche activity
over the weekend.

The most impressive by far (in the Turnagain zone) is the very large full depth
avalanche occurring naturally in the Lynx Creek drainage. This slide likely
released on Sunday the 12th or very early Monday morning. This was a N-E facing
slope with a start zone ~4,000′. It was over 1,000′ wide and ran over 2,000′.
Depth of the crown was hard to determine with the flat light but estimated around
5-15′ deep. One very noteworthy character of the avalanche is how well it was able to
propagate over very complex terrain (rocky ridges, etc).

A couple of much smaller slides on the west face of Magnum released near the
ground as well in 50-150′ wide pockets 2-3′ deep (see photos). The west face of
Magnum has been shedding its snow with most storms and looks to harbor its
typical shallow cover on the west facing rollovers. A person could pop out a
slab without too much trouble on that face.

The remainder of the Pass looked to have typical storm snow avalanches from
Sunday. 1-2′ deep slabs and several point releases in the small to medium size.
These instabilities should stabilize overnight.

Photos & Video
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