Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Pass

Route & General Observations

A beautiful day on Turnagain Pass. Sunny skies with convective (cumulus) clouds building by the late afternoon. Temperature approaching 50F at 1,000′. Winds light on the Pass.

No signs of recent avalanches or cornice failures.

Above treeline the snowpack varies in depth from 0 to 250cm deep. Average snowpack depths at 3,500′ are in the 150cm range. The pack is old and seasoned and composed of many crusts, moist snow, wet snow and reports of dry snow on upper elevation north aspects.

On the surface the melt/freeze regime continues with solid refreezing overnight and melting during daytime warmth and solar loading. The clear skies have been the key to refreezing considering nighttime temperatures have remained above 32F below 2,000-2,500′.

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