Observation: Turnagain

Location: Turnagain Front Side

Route & General Observations

Storm sledding day, rode below Seattle Ridge. Ended up following the power line for awhile. Dug a pit at 1000 ft.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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28F in the parking lot. Light wind, light snow. Transitioned to rain around 2:00 pm. 38F when we left at 3:00 pm.

Snow surface

Mixed bag of decently dry powder, to saturated surface snow. Stared to go mashed potatoes by 3:00 pm.


Dug at pit at 1,000 ft just below Seattle Ridge in a sheltered tree area. 280cm snow depth, generally right side up. CT13 at the new snow interface (~80cm down from surface). ECTP28 Q1 at the same layer. Entire column fell, kind of a big whoomph. Looked for buried surface hoar but only found faceted snow. Not super confidence inspiring, the remote triggers make sense. Hopefully this heals in the coming weeks.

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