Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Trees

Route & General Observations

Just had time for a quick up and down the skin track to treeline to check surface conditions and was pleasantly surprised!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Snowing S-1 and overcast when we plowed our way into a foot of new at the parking lot. Precipitation slowly trickled off until skies cleared to broken around 11:30 before returning to just gray overcast. Calm.

Snow surface

A foot of dense fresh snow right out of the parking lot became 40 cms on top of supportable crust at 2200'.


Did a few handshears on the route up to see how the new snow was bonding to the old, but there was no slab. It seems with the moisture content and the uneven surface of the crust below that bonding was happening already. Total snow depth at 2200' was 100cms with the top 40 cms being new . No formal tests were performed.

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