Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Trees

Route & General Observations

Standard Tincan Up track

Red Flags
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Observer Comments


Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Clear skies trending toward cloudy. Temps in teens at parking lot and the general trend was toward warming as elevation increased and throughout day as storm advanced. No new snow and light wind.

Snow surface

Soft snow surface with new surface hoar forming 1-2mm. Minimal wind effected noted at tree line and old tracks still evident.


Looked at buried surface hoar from 12/25. Found the BSH non-reactive with shovel tilt tests. The BSH was well preserved and upright and would estimate it at 2-4mm. The BSH was roughly 20cm deep from surface (see photos) The BSH appeared was less easily identified in the quick hand pits done above tree line.

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