Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Trees

Route & General Observations

Standard up track to 2200′. Very loud whumpfs, shooting cracks, observed two small remote triggered avalanches and got a good look at many of the slopes that had avalanched during the storm. A majority of the steep terrain below treeline has slid. Some pockets were triggered today. Most of the terrain below CFR ridge and Jerome’s dome had slid. There was a small slide just above the skin track on the first pitch above treeline on the standard Common Bowl uptrack. Common does not look like it has slid but that does not mean that it won’t. We also looked at Eddies driving by and got photos of the slides there. We could not see any avalanches on the West face and this is another suspect zone. The steep rolls near the standard skin track especially. Seattle Ridge uptrack area also has not slid. Again this doesn’t mean that it won’t. The idea of someone remote triggering Repeat Offender while putting in the skin track is a concern.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Evidence of widespread avalanches on Tincan from CFR ridge down into the Tincan Trees. It was interesting to see almost every steep slope in the Tincan Trees had slid. We remote triggered a small steep slope by stepping off of the standard skin track at 1800'. We watched another party remote trigger a small slide snowboarding down just at treeline (see public observation from today).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Broken skies, good visibility
No precip
Temps in the low 20s upper elevations to 30s at the truck

Snow surface

Soft snow, slightly stiffer at treeline.


12-15" of snow sits on top of the facets on the ground below 1600' or facets on a melt freeze crust above 1600'. Hand pits were showing easy failures on the facets. The slab is getting more cohesive. The whumpfs are impressive and the cracks and small avalanches remotely triggered today highlight the continued hazard. A failure can definitely propagate through the weak layer. If you are a frequent Tincan skier/snowboarder and haven't seen avalanches in the trees it is definitely worth looking at the photos below. There is a lot of avalanche terrain and there are many terrain traps throughout the zone.

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