Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Treeline Plateau/ Common Bowl/ Ridge

Route & General Observations

10:15 -Standard approach Trail consisted of dense, wet, progressively crustier surface snow. Conducted one test pit near treeline plateau, moved up towards Common Bowl Ridgeline where we dug our 2nd test pit.
Encountered no slide activity, heavy wind scouted ridgelines observed on all major ridgelines and across towards Seattle Ridge.
Weather was consistent with predicted forecast.
-10:30-broken sky, no precip, calm sporadic winds , no higher than 5 mph.
-11:45-1pm. Light winds, light precip above 2,500 ft, pockets of blue, primarily overcast but good depth visibility in snow surface.
-2:30pm-visibility deteriorates and winds picked at 2,800 ft. heading SW.
-Snow Surface:
Below 2,000 ft. Dense, wet snow with gradual crust building as we ascended higher.
At 2,000 ft, HS 50cm with top 5cm of settled, dry powder snow(slightly wind packed.
At 2,400 ft and above, dry surface powder with obvious wind slab deposits and scoured ridges.

HS 68-72cm at 2,270 ft.
29° Slope
North aspect,
No precip ,
Hardness Profile: (Photo 1)
-P-basal rounded-faceted particles
(1-2 cm thick)
– 1F from 2-4cm
-K Ice/crust layer from 4-6 cm –
– 1F from 6-43cm
– 4F from 43-55cm
– Knife at 56-58 cm
– Fist-58cm -surface

Dense snow at base to moist to dry near surface
CT16 Q3-Progressive Compression – on 2mm basal facets
ECT18 Q3- non-planar break on same basal facets as CT but partial block
ECT 20 Q3-full block propagation
Test 2:
Partially cloudy, light wind, light precip

2,850 ft
West Aspect
28° Slope
HS 85cm
-Surface Snow-Settled wind packed powder 1cm thick

Hardness Profile:
F- 85-65cm
P-30-2cm melt freeze
Melt freeze crust above Basal
Basal facets to Talus

CT 13 Q2 10cm from surface
CT 21 Q2 30cm from surface
CT 27 Q1 65cm on melt freeze layer

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