Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan- Treeline Knoll

Route & General Observations

-13:00 Tincan Parking lot (1,000ft) with 8 other cars present, light moist flakes, melting upon contact with any surface, 32F
-Standard skin track degraded with recent rainfall with underbrush present until 1,300 ft, multiple slushy stream stepovers, uptrack holding well with compacted snow.
-Standard route to treeline knoll, and conducted formal tests within 1st bowl below Chugach weather station.

-Be cautious on tree wells starting to form and become hidden!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Rollers present throughout all 25+ Degree Slopes above 2,000 ft.
Recent storm snow

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Light winds from northwest, light precipitation, with moist flakes that melt upon contact.
Fog layer from 1,300-2,000 ft from 13:00-15:00
Visibility to top of Tincan Common plateau from Hamburger Hill.
Broken Sky throughout tour with pockets of blue trying to break through near southern end of Turnagain Pass

Snow surface

At 2,000ft, fresh 10-12cm of F hard, fresh dry snow over moist, dense 1F cohesive layer at Hamburger Hill. HS 90cm

Rollers present and obvious on slopes 25+ degrees that roll up to 200ft on continuous slopes.


Treeline Bowl-14:35
Light Precipitation of Graupel/Rounds
Ski/Boot Pen: 35/50cm
HS 98 cm
28 Degree Slope
W/NW Aspect
2,240 ft

Hardness Profile:
See Photo

CT24 RES Q2 @ 54cm on P MF Crust Layer

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