Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan - Todds, Common

Route & General Observations

In the morning, a crust was present at all elevations along the route, with the crust ranging from supportable to semi-supportable by late afternoon.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Rollerballs/loose snow activity on a variety of peaks, generally East - South - West aspects. So many glide cracks! .. and some recent looking glide avalanches on East, South, and West aspects.

By late afternoon, the surface crust was starting to break under skier weight, with moist to wet snow underneath it.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly sunny, warm!, strong sun, calm winds down low in the morning, with light southeast winds developing in the afternoon.

Snow surface

From the Tincan lot (10 AM) to the top of Todds Run (~1 PM), a supportable crust with a ski penetration of 0 was present up to ~3,500' - even down low! (This changed during the day.) Above 3500' along the ridge, dense settled snow had a slight dusting of recent snow. Skied Todds until 1800', when the crust became semi-supportable for skier weight on a low angle, sunlit North aspect around ~2 PM.

From here, toured up CFR ridge (NW aspect) on a stout crust to the top of common bowl. Descended via common bowl and the standard up-track on West to South aspects around 4 PM; 1-2" of moist to wet grains sat on top of either a supportable or semi-supportable crust all the way back to the truck.


Quick Pit 50' below the top of Todds Run:
3600', 30 degree slope, N aspect, HS=300cm+, Test Depth=100cm
Structure: Thin dusting of soft snow over 100 cm of 4finger -> 1finger hard snow.
ECTN 15 (RP) at a slight density change, 25cm down
ECTN 25 (RP) at a slight density change, 50cm down

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