Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan / Sunburst

Route & General Observations

Groups toured up Tincan standard uptrack to 2050′, through the Tincan trees to 1100′, and up Sunburst to 2000′. Was able to locate the January 21 buried surface hoar and facets, and got propagation in some pit results.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No red flags observed.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Overcast, calm to light wind from the SE, temps in the low 30's, snowing lightly (rimed precipitation particles and graupel) at 1500 hours.

Snow surface

Settled powder. Breakable melt-freeze crust observed on southeast aspects. There is (2-4") wind slab on the SW shoulder of "Hamburger Hill" at ~2000 ft.


Pits among groups were able to locate the January 21 buried surface hoar and facets, and got propagation in some ECT's.

Tincan Pit 1: 1677', S Aspect, CT11, ECTN12 down 20cm on stellars; CT13, ECTN18 down 40cm on facets above a crust
Tincan Pit 2: 2050', WSW Aspect, CT8, CT11 down 20 cm on stellars; CT12, CT21, ECTP22, ECTX (x2) down 40 cm on buried surface hoar and facets, CT23 down 68 cm.

Tincan Pits: 1100', WNW Aspect, buried surface hoar found down 30cm, facets on rain crust down 60 cm. No propagation in stability tests.

Sunburst Pit: 2000', 284 degree aspect, 22 degree slope, HS=140cm, CT11 Q1 down 10cm on 3-4mm buried surface hoar; CT21 Q1, ECTP22 down 30 cm on buried surface hoar and facets.

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