Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan, Ridgeline

Route & General Observations

11:30-General uptrack towards treeline and started with 20+ vehicles in lot. Calm Winds throughout entire day with light precipitation building around 1500.
Common Bowl, Hippy Bowl, and Tincan Proper looked to have plenty of enthusiasts.
Skinned up to Common Ridgeline and performed snowpack tests followed by a descent down the approach.
Happy Holidays!!!

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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11:30 -5°C, Broken Skies, Calm Wind from North, No Precipitation
13:45 -5°C, Broken Skies, Pockets of Blue, calm wind, Sporadic low <5mph gusts from N (2,830ft)
15:00 -4°C, Broken Skies, <5mph N, S1

Snow surface

Skintrack filling in well!
1-2mm Plates and feathers at 2.830 ft over F hard Rounded Grains on test site.


*See Hardness Profile* 14:08
Tincan Ridgeline, 2,830 ft, 240° W Aspect, 29° Slope, No Precipitation, BRK skies,
Ski/Boot Pen: 20/40cm

STM @73cm from surface on MF & Clustered Rounded grains
CT 24 Q2 SC @50cm on MF
ECTP24 Q2 BRK @45cm on Rounded/ Decomposing
ECTN24 Q2 BRK @60cm on MF

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