Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Ridge

Route & General Observations

Began day by helping Wendy Wagner (CNFAIC) take down the Are You Beeping Stations for the season at the motorized and Tincan parking lots (pic). At 1330 started on the standard Tincan uptrack to 2250ft near the beaded stream snow temperature station (pic). Only the top few feet were sticking out of the snow.
From a knob just NE of that point skied down the NW aspect of Tincan and back to the PL by 1630. Lower mtn snow surface was locally very punchy which made for somewhat challenging turns. The snow bridge across the creek near the PL was still intact at the end of the day.

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Forecaster Comments

Big thanks for the help with those signs, Joe and Jim!

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Observed avalanche debris on the W aspect of Tincan ridge (pic) and the upper part of a glide crack avalanche of the SW aspect of Tincan (pic). Also a lot of avalanche debris on Sunnyside which has been reported in previous obs on this site (pic).

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Weather partly cloudy with calm winds. At 1500 temp at Sunburst Wx Sta was 38deg.

Snow surface

Punchy wet corn snow on flats. Snow depth (HS) = 170cm at that point. Snow surface variable along uptrack with punchy corn on S. aspects and somewhat firmer surface on N. At beaded stream station. HS = 230cm.


No snowpack tests were made. Our turns on the decent didn't kick off any small wet snow/slush avalanches.

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