Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Proper

Route & General Observations

Standard uptrack from parking lot towards Tincan Common. Heavy cornicing towards southern aspects along bootpack along the higher ridges

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

Initially windloading and heavy cornices were present from above 2,500 ft, but as we descended Tincan Proper (southface), many massive debris piles existed below Tincan’s chutes.

Rollers were present after 1pm towards the lower south slopes.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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22°F st parking lot, and 29° above 2,500 ft.
Light wind from the north, under 5mph intermittently.
Overcast with pockets of gracefully warm sun.
It seemed the lower southern slopes took effect to rapid warming.

Snow surface

No new snow but surface hoar from parking lot to Tincan Proper In pocketed areas.
No crust, other than the consistent wind crust along the ridgelines


Conducted 1 profile pit.
3,740 ft.
35° slope
Southern Aspect

Total snowpack depth-185 cm
Test pit depth-140cm

CT26 Q2. Shovel shear following bulge/ partial propagation. 30cm down at a melt-freeze layer.
ECTX- eventually partially propagated at 38, with a 105 cm slab over a melt freeze layer.

Our intention for the pit was to find the MLK layer above 2,500 ft.
At 3,740 ft, the wind aspect may have a strong factor in our inability to determine this layer,
Though we did find 3 melt-freeze layers.

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