Observation: Other Regions

Location: Tincan NW Aspect

Route & General Observations

This is the fourth week I have dug in this spot as part of Ben’s
snow study plot. My compression test scores on the layer of
facets above the January rain crust, now buried 63 cm deep (2
ft), increased slightly. There was a bit more ‘pop’ to the
failures this time, and if the angle of the snowpit was steeper,
the shears would probably be Q1’s.
Test scores from 2/23: 2xCTH27Q2, CTM18Q2
Test scores from 3/2: 2xCTH22Q2, CTM20Q2, CTM14Q2
Test scores from 3/9: 2xCTM16Q2, CTM14Q2
Test scores from 3/16: CTM16Q2/Q1, CTM17Q2/Q1, CTM18Q2/Q1