Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan, north side

Route & General Observations

North side tour and surface conditions inventory

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

None observed
There was once recent looking small wet loose avalanche on Seattle Ridge

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Partly cloudy with fluctuating level of overcast - green housing in the late afternoon
Temperatures in the low 30°Fs to mid 20°Fs

Snow surface

Soft settled snow - small facets with a dusting of stellars
Suncrust on east and south - becoming moist in the afternoon
Wind effect near treeline


We dug at 1800' on a north aspect, 27° slope, HS: 310 cm, pit depth 130 cm, CT13 on small facets 15 cm down, CT22, CT16, ECTN21 30 cm down on buried surface hoar, CT24, CT26, ECTN30, PST 50/100 60 cm down on buried surface hoar. The lower layer (60 cm down) of surface hoar is sandwiched between a layer of 1F+ snow and a layer of 1F snow.

Quick look at structure in wind affected terrain at 2100' on north aspect. Buried surface hoar down 25 cm under wind slab.

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