Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan ...just off the skin track at 1650

Route & General Observations

We dug a pit at about 1650′ on Tincan, just off of the skin track in a meadow, south side, at only a
slope angle of about 12 degrees, NW aspect.
We follow your Avy page on a regular basis while we are here….we live in NH, 15 miles from Mt
Washington and Tuckerman Raviine……and at 60 and 66, my wife and I are pretty conservative.
We skied down from around 2200′, where the wet snow was definitely feeling the affects of the wind.
We got CT7, Q2, pretty much on top of the facet/ice crust layer….pretty easy collapse.
Why anyone would venture much higher or much steeper is beyond me.
The quality of the snow was all over the map…..a little wind blown from where we started down, nice
cream cheese at min-elevations, and just like being on Mt. Washington towards the bottom..wet new
Thanks for all you do.
The photo is not what it should be so that you could see what we found……
I hope the description can be of some help