Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Common Bowl

Route & General Observations

Skied south to west facing 25°-37° slopes of Common Bowl and CFR ridge. Lightest & driest snow I’ve experienced at Turnagain.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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7°f at 11am, 5°f at 4pm. Seemed warmer higher up. Low winds on Tincan, occasional biting breeze. Saw active wind transport flagging on Pastoral and Magnum.

Snow surface

Approx 20"-28" of new snow at all elevations, less on ridgelines, more in sheltered areas. Slightly denser snow on near ridgelines, but still light. Did not notice any connected wind slabs. It was nearly too much snow to turn on slopes shallower than 30°.


Did not notice shooting cracks, whumpfs, or post-storm avalanches. There appeared to be many avalanches during the storm on most slopes in the 30°-45° range. For example, the main face of Tincan Common bowl, the steeper slopes of lower CFR Ridge, and many Tincan tree rollers. It's tough to tell if any stepping down into the Thanksgiving crust; it did not appear so. Most of the slides filled in, to the point where skiing the slide path was high quality - except Tincan Common, that bed surface was quite firm; late storm slide possibly.

Photos & Video
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