Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan common

Route & General Observations

Took normal longer route from center ridge parking up to Tincan common. skied three laps off north lower backside.

Red Flags
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Observer Comments

No Red Flags or any signs of instability.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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BKN-OVC most of the day. Light winds out of the SE. Temps where in mid to high 20's (23-26F @3k). It did feel a little greenhouse in the air temps through the afternoon. At around 3pm precip started with S-1/trace.

Snow surface

very noticeable crust (2-5CM thick) all the way from center ridge parking to the top on all southerly aspects and west aspects. True north aspects where skiing much better. However the snow did start to have a crust on the lower elevations on north aspects.


No formal stability tests. Ski pole tests and handpits did seem at least with the new snow a right-side up structure. This more recent precip event's snow did feel quite heavy and had slab like features. It was hard to justify with poor visibility and the uncertainty of the storm slab bonding to new/old step out on to bigger terrain.

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