Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Common

Route & General Observations

Normal uptrack to base of Tincan Common. Stopped to look at the snowpack at 2500′ on a SW aspect and 2900′ on a NW aspect.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
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Mostly cloudy with upper ridgelines obscured by clouds. Winds were light and we did not see any active snow transport where we were, but the visibility made it hard to see the adjacent ridgelines. Temperatures were warm, but with the clouds blocking the sun it felt less intense than earlier this week.

Snow surface

Mix of supportable crust on southern aspects, breakable crust, and dry snow on northern aspects. We did not see any active wind transport on Tincan, but we avoided the upper ridgeline of Tincan Common due to poor visibility.


We dug two sets of snowpits to look at the surface structure. The first on a southwest aspect at 2500' had two stout 5-10 cm thick melt freeze crusts in the upper 50 cm. We did not find any obvious weak layers or have propagating results in our ECT. At 2900' on a NW aspect we were able to find the 4/1 surface hoar layer and had a sudden collapse on a compression test with 18 taps. This layer was buried about 40 cm down from the surface where we dug.

Photos & Video
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