Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan Common

Route & General Observations

Route: Alaska Avalanche Level 2 class from parking lot to 2900 on tincan common

Weather: Sky: overcast
Wind: 10 gust 30 MPH out of NE
Temp: -1 C
Precip: S-1 (light snow)
Snow Transport: light to moderate

Red Flags to instability:
Cracking: NO (though observed on suburst by different level 2 group)
Collapsing: YES (on both Tincan and Sunburst)
Recent avalanches: NO (but visibility wasn’t so great)

Surface Observations: Below 2000: Many rollerballs and moist to wet surface snow in top 20 cm. Rain
at this level all day. Above 2000: temps below freezing and drier snow, though still classifiable as

Snowpack observations: Many reactive bonding tests, showing poor strength and good propagation on
many CT, ECT, and PST. These were mostly confined to the near surface facet/ windslab interface that
has been slowly being buried deeper and deeper, but isolated tests show reactivity in temperature
changes within the new windslab. A solo skier skied small avalanche terrain above our location without

Attached is an old school photo of my pit book from the field :)


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