Observation: Turnagain

Location: Tincan CFR

Route & General Observations

Toured up Tincan to the top of Hippie Bowl assess snow conditions. Skied CFR on the descent.

Weather & Snow Characteristics
Please provide details to help us determine the weather and snowpack during the time this observation took place.

30 degrees at the trailhead to start, 39 when we finished. There was a mid-elevation cloud layer that slowly dissipated throughout the day. Above that was sunny with patchy thin, high clouds.

Snow surface

Skin track was slightly glazed over and there was a thick but breakable crust up to treeline. Above treeline the crust continued up to around 2500'. Above that was a mixed bag of soft snow, slightly baked snow and wind crust. There was a fresh layer of small surface hoar grains above ~1800' as well.


We poked off the north side of lower CFR to see how the crust changed on a shadier aspect. It was a pretty seamless transition from wind crust to rain crust, but the crust was much more skiable, at least until below 2000'. We decided to dig a quick pit off the lower part of the ridge to see how the snowpack was doing below the crust on a northerly aspect.
Our pit was at 2400' on a north facing, 26 degree slope. It was in the shade and had not been wind affected. Total snow height was 235cm and we dug down 135cm. We only checked hardness levels, did a shovel shear and an ECT. Overall, the snow hardness didn't reveal any major red flags, except for one interface 60cm below the surface where a pencil hard layer sat upon a 1F- layer. The top 10cm may become a concern in the future, as it is currently a 4cm, pencil hard crust sitting on 6cm of fist hard, decomposing new precip particles. The crust popped out during shovel insertion when we did our shovel shear test.
During our ECT we got 3 results. The first was ECTN10, down 4cm at the interface below the crust. Second was ECTN28cm down at an interface between two layers. The most interesting though was ECTP30 down 60cm at the interface with the hardness differences we had noted earlier. Except for the hardness difference there was no obvious weak layer or other red flag that would have lead us to expect this result without doing the ECT.
We also noted a large glide crack that opened up (or re-opened?) on Eddies, along with a smaller one just above and looker's right of the big one.

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